lvye Museum of National Cultures

About the museum

The museum was founded on June 29, 2009. Opened to the public on July 3, 2009.

The only museum of national cultures in the country. The object of study is Ivye region as the integrity and diversity of cultural unities: ethnic, confessional, local.

It is planned to create a permanent exhibition "Under The Same Sky through The Centuries". In December 2012, the 1st section "From The History of The Indigenous Population of Ivye Region" was opened. The acquisition of museum collections is underway. The museum fund has more than 3200 items.

The museum offers visitors exhibitions of various subjects, as well as excursions to memorable places in the city and Ivye region.

The museum history

The idea to create a state museum in Ivye first arose in the 1980s. However, the exhibits brought from school museums were not formalized through the appropriate documentation. This collection was lost over time, because the authorities did not support the creation of the museum, and there was no person responsible for the collection.

The next attempt to return to the issue of opening a museum was made in 2002. The Scientific and Methodological Council of the Grodno State Historical and Archaeological Museum, taking into account the local feature - compact residence in Ivye for centuries of Tatars, proposed creating a museum dedicated to this national minority. Life among the Christian ethnos influenced the culture of this people and determined its characteristic regional features. There was no similar exposition in Belarus. Therefore, this topic could contribute to the development of tourism. But this proposal did not interest the local authorities.

The next suggestion is the ethnographic skansen museum. The activities of such a museum would be related to documenting the ethnic characteristics of the local population. Exhibits of the skansen museum can not only be viewed, but also seen in action, the visitor himself can take part in various works on the estates, conduct ceremonies. The project was not approved.

In 2003, the Ivye regional executive committee returned to the issue of creating a museum. Its location was the selected two-story building on the street. September 17, where the Training and Production Combine used to be. As a result, by the decision of the Ivyevsky district executive committee No. 355 of September 26, 2003, building No. 9 on the street. September 17 was transferred to the museum. Since the preparation of design estimates for the reconstruction of the building was slow, repair work began in 2008.